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What is the best messenger on the internet yahoo hotmail or what?

What is the best messenger on the internet yahoo hotmail or what?I guess it sort of depends, with Yahoo (I personally like it best) you can use color mixers if you downlaod and smileys and all that cool stuff, but if you’re not a person who likes that sort of thing then I you can use Windows live but I don’t know about hotmail. Gmail, isn’t indeed my favrite, personally, just because my friend has it and it’s pretty slow.

Why are there problems sending from hotmail to yahoo?

Response .
Because of the anonymity possible through Hotmail or Yahoo accounts, both are frequently used by senders of spam. Both services also do spam filtering as a service to their users. Thus they often trap messages from the other as possible spam.

What does idle mean in Yahoo messenger?

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it tells that the yahoo messenger is being queued or waiting for input of the user due to not accessing its computer while its on for a period of time or leaving it drape while the yahoo messenger is still online.

How do I know if I was deleted from a Yahoo Messenger?

The easiest way to know if you were deleted is the smiley face next to their name vanishes. It doesn’t turn white or any other color, but it fully vanishes.

Hotmail or Yahoo which one is the best?

This is just my opinion after having an account on both. I think that Hotmail is more joy and user friendly.

If you compare these Trio – Yahoo Mail and Gmail and Hotmail – which is the best and why?

I suppose it’s just a matter of taste… I know that Gmail is certainly the MORE POPULAR of the Two right now; The one that’s more in vogue; The one that’s considered “Cooler” (which, the older I get, just seems more & more frivolous a distinction). But for my dollar (and I’m aware there isn’t one, as they are both free services), I’ll take Yahoo any day. To me, the interface is clearer; more elegant, logical & sturdy. I like that it behaves like a standalone mail client, with tabs, folders, a preview pane, etc. Contrast this with Gmail, which looks like Design was never much of a consideration at all. It’s largely just plain text on a page; kinda like Craigslist (perhaps a SMIDGEN better-looking, but not much). I suppose if that appeals more to your aesthetic sensibility, then so be it, but to me Yahoo just LOOKS better. I consider its interface to be LIGHT YEARS ahead of Gmail. It is a very sophisticated product. Does it have its problems? Yes, of course. But they all do. People frequently complain about spam with Yahoo. This can be a problem, I suppose, but for me, problems with spam have more to do with how long that address has been in use, and HOW it’s been used than anything else. If you’ve signed up for numerous newsletters, and used the address online a lot, then you’re going to get more spam. I’ll admit, every once in a while, a few spam messages manage to peep by the Yahoo spam filter, but by marking those messages as spam & not simply deleting them, I’m helping Yahoo’s spam filter learn & better distinguish spam from legitimate messages. I had a Gmail account (had it from 2004, when they very first came out, and ultimately killed it in March of this year, when Google switched their privacy policy) that was Packed TO THE BRIM with spam! I’m talking something like Ten,000 or more unread messages (it was a designated “Junk Mail” account – where I got all my purchase receipts & newsletters sent, so that I didn’t have to have all that stuff directed to my primary account), and the spam just sort of took over. So spam can become an affliction regardless of which service you use.” Regarding Hotmail, I tend to not think of it as a serious option, despite the fact that I do have an account there as well (I use it as a designated “Junk Mail” account), because its functionality with Mac OS is very intermittent, regardless of which browser you use (and I have tested it with several: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera). I frequently go into my Inbox there, only to detect that nothing happens when I click on my messages, or I’ll click on a message, and it’ll bring me to my Windows Live home page, and NEVER take me to the message. Truly bizarre behavior, which Microsoft should lightly be aware of (they’re supposed to be testing such things), and should have immovable by now. Beside that, the interface, as compared to Yahoo, is indeed not so superb (still better than Gmail, but I don’t think that’s telling much). It’s got a very Windows look to it (which is OK if you’re a Windows user, I suppose, but if you’re not, it just kinda looks bad). From a Design perspective, I’m truly not a fan of the floating text labels as opposed to actual buttons. The absence of buttons serves to make the interface unclear. I’ve found myself having to hunt for the Reply button (or label) because its placement is not intuitive, and because as merely text, it is hard to differentiate it from other data on the page. Basically, if you’re a Windows user, then I suppose Hotmail might look attractive. To anyone else (particularly Mac users), it’s very likely not an option they’d consider gravely.

Can you use Yahoo with hotmail?

i think you just add a contact like you normally would, so;.
on yahoo you could add [email protected]

What is the easiest way to get yahoo messenger?

The easiest way to get Yahoo Messenger is to visit, you can use it online without having to download anything.

How do you logon to yahoo messenger?

Type in the username and password you registered with in their suitable fields, and click the button to log-in. You have to register as a fresh user if you do not yet have a username or password for the application. You must also download the software – it’s free and a relatively low file size, so it will be quick.

Do you have to pay for hotmail and messenger?

No , you don’t have to pay.
you can sign up for free and you can also download the messenger

From where can I download Yahoo messenger for ubuntu?

In plain terms, you cannot install Yahoo! Messenger (TM) for Ubuntu. Yahoo! Messenger (TM) was originally made for Macintosh (Mac) Computers and Windows Computers. Tho’ it is not built for Linux Machines, there is one way to use it on Ubuntu. This method only works on some machines and sometimes, it leads to freezing of the system. This is not Recommended . You must install a program called ‘Wine’ from the Ubuntu Software Centre or Synaptic Package Manager. After that is done, you must download the Setup File (.EXE) of Yahoo! Messenger (TM). Then, open the setup file with Wine and go after the instructions.

Why i can’t open Yahoo messenger?

because Ur internet is not having decent version so go to Google and type and you will see a lot of pages and choose any of it and they will showcase their movie. thank you very much and love your day at

Sms texting in Yahoo messenger?

Yes, it is available for free (I think)..

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No, It Is Free.
Attempt It.
I have Attempted it lots of time

What is the best messenger on the internet yahoo hotmail or what?

How to eliminate which shows up everytime you attempt to log into MSN Messenger or yahoo messenger or internet explorer.?

This problem is due to Malware infections, for more help on how to get rid of it. There are many good and bad programs for removing malware. One free device is spybot SD.

What is Hannah Montana’s yahoo messenger?

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What is better yahoo hotmail or Gmail?

It depends on if you are attempting to just send some mail or many things at once-some of them are better for basic sending then others…Gmail would most likely be more practical for just sending some e-mail. and gmail can contain more mails.

Cant get rid of pyagcore search searchdetection everytime you attempt to log into MSN Messenger or yahoo messenger or internet explorer please no one seems to know or have an response?

Here are some websites that I found useful. these help. I’m still in the process of removing it myself.

Does Cole Sprouse have a yahoo messenger?

Dylan and cole sprouse has ym but the wikianswers is no true there are all fake pls don’t listen to them

What is the difference inbetween Yahoo messenger and Yahoo online messenger?

Yahoo messenger has much more ‘nick-nacks’ on it. You can join different talk rooms and have emoticons. Yahoo online messeger, people can only talk with people on their contacts and there is not much emoticons.

What is the best font to use in yahoo messenger Or the font that looks the best?

[b] the best font probabely…in the availble yahoo fonts is forte…………. u can add others by goign inot windows and fonts,,,,,,,,,,,,

Which is better Yahoo mail or hotmail?

yahoo mail and hot mail both are better but hot mail as is Microsoft mail site.

How to open my email from Yahoo messenger?

There is an emailbutton just on the upper right corner, it shows an envelope. Click on it and your emails should open in your webbrowser.

How do you disable emoticons on Yahoo Messenger?

Well if you truly want to disable the emoticons (smileys) you can do so in Preferences which is in the Messenger menu at the top of Y!M. In Preferences choose the Messages category and under Miscellaneous uncheck the box that would enable emoticons. Click OK.

How do you block someone on yahoo messenger?

Very first you will need delete them from your messenger, but you must write down the screen name. After removing them go into your preferences menu. Then go down the list and select Disregard. Once there click ADD and type in the name of the person you are wanting to block. **This Does Not Work 100% of the time** Mainly because the other person has you listed as a friend on their list. This is a rewrite of a previous reaction. The other one had bad grammar and poor spelling and ridiculous way of actually doing it. FOR YAHOO MESSENGER v.Ten If you don’t want to delete the contacts, you can invisible to him, very first right click your friends name on the friend list, and click Stealth Settings ~ Emerge Permanently Offline to .

How can you get yahoo radio on yahoo messenger?

You go to yahoo homepage then on your right handside their will be a signthat says ” sign in ” underneath it will say sign up click on it and go after the instructions

Is yahoo messenger good?

of course it is a good medium for talking or get the chances to keep in touch with our friends

What is the best messenger on the internet yahoo hotmail or what?

What is more popular Yahoo or hotmail?

It all comes in opinion. To me yahoo is better, but to some other people hotmail is better. I honestly love yahoo! Everyone has an opinion and love others like hotmail and verizon.

How do you get on Yahoo messenger?

Before you get on Yahoo Messenger you must have a yahoomail, a rocketmail, or a hotmail. If you don’t have one then you can go after the link to make one: just copy and paste this. And then you go to and then click Download Now! And it takes a while to install. When it’s done you can add people as contacts like friends that also have a Yahoo and do the fresh Movie Talk feature. =DD Peace out!

Do you have to pay for yahoo messenger?

Fortunately No its free usually things on the internet you want to get see or download cost money. but this doesnt

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How do you sign in to Yahoo Messenger?

Very first of all you need to download the Yahoo Messenger. Once you have downloaded it, open it, then all you have to do next is to type/put in your ID and password. :DI hope that helps :J

Does yahoo messenger cause viruses?

It usually doesn’t, or to be more specific doesn’talone . Messenger is a very stable application, but it is an application that involves the passing of information back-and-forth across the Internet, and any time that happens the chance ofcatchingorspreadinga virus goes up. Make sure if you are sending and/or receiving photos or files with Messenger, or anything that involves file-sharing at all, that you have an anti-malware program in place with current definitions. I HAVE seen a worm application that used messenger conversations to “advertise” a link automatically every ten lines or so. If one were to run the file linked to the link, it would have (I assume) regenerated the worm in the fresh Messenger application and continued the infection from there. In truth no program that is online is entirely safe, but good anti-virus practices will keep you out of jeopardy.

Does msn work with Yahoo messenger?

i believe the response is no, for some reason i have seen a few yahoo emails work for msn but i dont know how? they are both different servers

What is IDLE in yahoo messenger?

Idle is when you are signed in but you haven’t been using your PCetc. for a certain amount of time. (Not sure how long however!)!

Strange problem cant connect to yahoo Hotmail messenger and yahoo Hotmail inbox i even uninstalled the IE8 from my windows 7 x64 I even deleted improvised files cookies etc but Firefox is working?

i even uninstalled the IE8 from my laptop windows 7 x64 … I even deleted improvised files, cookies etc etc.. I have done all those tricks which Google described.. but from since 2days couldn’t succeed… before uninstalling the IE8… i was just attempted to enable SSL Trio.0 and TLS 1.0 but IE8 didn’t permit me to enable. those setting still disabled… don’t know whats the problem…willingly guide me …thanks.. PS: Trio days ago all was just fine … but don’t know what happened then…

How do you movie talk from yahoo messenger?

If you both are using the latest version of Yahoo Messenger, speakers and microphones (or headsets), and a camera, there is a “Commence Movie Call” option on the main talk window (on Version Ten it’s on the upper left palm corner). You can also choose it from the main Messenger window by using the drop-down arrow just to the right of the person’s name you want “movie” talk with.

How can you block a friend on Hotmail messenger?

go to options near the arrow then got o mail on the side. after that it says safe or block senders and click on it. click on the block part then type in the email address and shove the button that says add to block list. Ultimately you can liquidate from list too.

What is the best email account to have out of gmail yahoo and hotmail?

Personally I think gmail(google mail) is the best, because its free, super rapid and it has lots of storage. On ymail(yahoo mail) you can Keep your calendar up to date, Write notes to yourself and Track your RSS feeds. hotmail is bad because of the bad spam management and it is indeed slow if you use Internet Explorer.

Which yahoo messenger do you have and how do you know which kind you have?

my computer is a mac, and i have a lot..? i have ichat and skype right now, but i can get more, u can know by when is comes up, it will say wat u have

What is the best messenger on the internet yahoo hotmail or what?

How do you liquidate Yahoo messenger?

Very first, you go to you “computer” button.(click on it) Then, you click on then button on the top’ish part of the “pop up box”. Click “Uninstall or switch a program.” Then, wait for about Ten seconds and scroll down to “Yahoo Messenger”. Then, you well, uninstall it! I hope I helped!

How do you use Yahoo messenger instant messenger?

Effortless if you see the button that has email sms im thrust im hoped I helped

Is Yahoo messenger a virus?

No way!! Yahoo! Messenger is an all-in-one communication device, and anyone, anywhere in the world, with a computer and Internet connection can use it.

Do you need Yahoo email to get Yahoo messenger?

Yes, you do need a Yahoo e-mail account to obtain a Yahoo ID to sign into messenger.

Is Yahoo Messenger a computer application?

not indeed… 400 years ago, there was a man named Asmudah Alah Ioseph Stroe Coznajdem who desired to talk to God. And he attempted and attempted and one day he said “yahoo”, and God said ” Asmudah Alah Ioseph Stroe Coznajdem you are my messenger”…so the legend says that yahoo messenger is created by Asmudah Alah Ioseph Stroe Coznajdem and God together and was very first used in Korea land- the land of computers they say. So if you consider that, you may say that yahoo messenger is a computer application.

What does messenger mean on Hotmail?

messenger is an instant messaging service built into hotmail now. it used to have to be installed.

Why do yahoo messenger stopped working?

yahoo messenger is still working ,however yahoo determined to shut down its public talk rooms and disable certain services according to their switch in policy (reason still unknown)

What is port number of yahoo messenger?

There is not any single port – the primary one (for talk) is 5050, but it also uses port 80 (the same as HTTP) for presence detection. It also uses various other ports in the 5000-5101 range for file transfer, voice talk and webcam. Depending on your network setup you may be able to get it to work just using Overwhelm (on port 3478).

Where can the download for Hotmail Messenger be found?

The download for Hotmail Messenger can be primarily found on the hotmail site. There are also many different third party websites that permit people to download it.

Where can one download Hotmail Messenger from?

One of the best places to commence looking for a download is to either go to download dot com and search for what you are looking for as they have many free software solutions and can direct you to what you in the market to purchase or download. They also have numerous reviews which permits the user to find reputable reviews of the actual software. A plain goo gle search for the software you want can also produce excellent results.

What are the instructions to download Hotmail messenger?

The instructions to download hotmail messenger are simply point and click. If one is looking for the least labor intensive option, one should visit CNET dot com. This website has free downloads with step by step instructions for any computer configuration and version.

What is the latest version of Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger Three.6 is the latest version of Yahoo Messenger and came out at the beginning of 2012. It is one of the most popular messenger programs available.

What is the purpose of Yahoo Messenger Web?

Yahoo Messenger Web is an instant messaging service that works entirely through a web browser. It is used by Yahoo users to communicate with each other through instant messages, and also has emoticons.

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